• Consultancy, Research, Technology and Finance

    for the Renewable Energy Markets


    Allied Energy Risk Platforms combines the skills of energy and project based professionals to support their clients' needs when approaching the global insurance and finance markets.


    Our Due-Diligence Platform:

    • Developing technologies seeking to enter the commercial markets and meet the demands placed on then by the finance and insurance markets enabling our clients project or technology to reach full commercialisation and potential.
    • Support technologies with little or no track record.
    • Touches every aspect of the project from Technology design philosophy with regards to operational availability targets and all the other aspects of the project, including environmental, permits and offtake and fuel contracts.

    • Provides a high-level review of the proposed plant, and project for Funders or Insurers that can be used to reduce investment risk to energy-based projects

  • Our Due-diligence Platform makes

    Renewable Energy Bankable

    We tailor our Platforms to your business. Our team of experts assess your project or technologies exposures then, with you, create a due-diligence platform that can enhance your project profile and assist in the commercialisation of developing technologies.

  • The Due-diligence Process

    Three Steps to a sucessful project.


    Free Desk Top Review

    Our Desk Top Review Report is FREE providing it takes less than 20 hours to prepare. 

    The review starts with understanding your project financials, the process track record, operational hours and the contracts, permits etc.

    At the end of this process we discuss with you the requirements of the full due-diligence and estimated time period.


    Desk Top list and Conditions

    Allied's General TOC's


    Agree detailed report for Investment or Insurance

    The period of due-diligence will depend on the commercial status of the technology and the project as a whole.

    We agree with you our terms of business to progress and an estimated cost and time frame.

    Download full documentation list(PDF)


    Presentation to Investors or Insurance Brokers

    Once finalised the report can be used to seek finance or specialised Insurance products*

    If required our team can introduce your project to the finance markets we work with.

    *Allied do not sell nor promote any insurances

  • Our Markets

    WIND and SOLAR



    Biomass - Biofuels






  • Together we are Allied

    Our Partners


    Part of the Maintained Availability Platform​

    TWI Ltd are one of the world’s foremost independent research and technology organisations. Their scale and depth of specialised knowledge allows us, as a member, to enjoy a highly productive relationship with them and provided added value to our services under the Maintained Availability Platform. MORE


    Part of the Maintained Availability Platform

    SLR's multidisciplinary teams are organised by both industry sector and technical service so they provide both the expertise and in-depth knowledge our clients need. MORE

    Cambridge Cleantech

    As a fellow Cleantech member, were we can help those developing new technology or those with technology that is developed but are struggling to enter the market and obtain investment. MORE

    Biotech Energy Group

    Biotech are a leading company in the supply of cost effective solutions for renewable energy generation, based in the UK. They support growth within Renewable Energy markets throughout Europe, North America and Asia. MORE

    Sapphire Capital

    Sapphire is an award-winning company based in London and Belfast, that specialises in Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS), Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) and Venture Capital Trust (VCT). MORE

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